How The Comodo SSL Certificate Helps Small Businesses

The Comodo SSL certificate is one of the more widely known SSL security certificates available to online businesses. Its encryption software ensures data security for website owners and their online customers. SSL security certificates are essential because, as the name "Secure Socket Layer" suggests, they add an extra layer of processing, encrypting data before transmitting it online. This encrypted data can only be deciphered by a decryption algorithm through a "virtual handshake." Though companies such as VeriSign and GeoTrust currently have greater brand recognition and market share, Comodo is popular among SMB owners due to its high-compatibility SSL security certificates at competitive prices.

Another standout feature of the Comodo SSL certificate is that it allows small businesses to install an SSL and never look back. Most SSL users are familiar with the hassle of having to regularly renew and reinstall the certificate. Comodo SSL certificates, on the other hand, have a validity of up to 20 years. This allows online entrepreneurs lasting, uninterrupted peace of mind, and saves the annual cost of re-installation. Comodo SSL certificates come in various models. Versions increasing in popularity are the wildcard SSL security certificate and Extended Validation (EV) models. Wildcard covers all sub-domains of a site, while EV supplies the green address bar, proven in industry case studies to increase conversion rates and revenue-per-sale, combining for dramatic revenue increases, in some cases exceeding 100%.

By using a Comodo SSL certificate, small businesses receive full-featured, powerful 128/256-bit encryption standards for their online transactions, granting their online shopping cart the highest level of data security. Comodo customers can promote their security by displaying the Comodo seal, free with any Comodo SSL security certificate. This seal builds a sense of trust in site visitors. In this way, the Comodo SSL security certificate helps small businesses grow their brand and business online.


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