Why Choose Comodo SSL Certificates?

Comodo SSL delivers advanced online security and visually creates trust by displaying Comodo’s accepted business validated SSL Certificate, Comodo SSL. Comodo SSL is the guaranteed solution to secure your Internet server and provide visual security guarantees to your website visitors. Comodo SSL certificates are 2048-bit and attached to our original Corner of Trusted Logo that directly builds trust of visitors.

This included trust mark logo applies to all of the Comodo’s patent product or technology to encourage visitors to relate network and authorized identity.  Additional types of on-page visual trust Comodo SSL certificates give viewers are the gold padlock, the green bar and security alerts while over a secure HTTPS connection on your website. With the help of the Comodo trust mark logo, your site viewers/visitors identify that they are communicating with a secure and authorized domain even when they are not in HTTPS session.

Developing strong encryption for a secure HTTPS link and providing your customers a live authentication that they need with a Comodo branded trust mark logo increases visitors conversion value and increases your presence as a secure e-commerce merchant. Read more...


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