A Smart Way to Secure Multiple Websites

Since the very beginning of online eCommerce transactions website security has been a victim of cyber attacks. Cyber Security is in high demand. Protecting websites with guaranteed SSL Certificates will ensure that all data sent by site users to the server will be encrypted and cannot be viewed by hackers. This encryption ensures that the user's data cannot be misused or tampered with.

Extended validation certificate were designed to increase the magnitude of eCommerce security and for increased protection against phishing attacks. The address bar displays a green color bar and your website is visibly guaranteed and more trusted than with other certificates. By taking these steps, eCommerce merchants can increase the trust and purchase conversion rate with their customers and create long-term income.

If you are looking for an executable online security solution involving several websites, EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates (MDCs) are a reputable choice. A single EV Multi-Domain SSL can secure multiple websites. And the best part is that the green address bar displayed for visitors of all websites secured with one certificate, creating their trust in your websites and assuring trusted and secure transactions of the highest levels.

Multi Domain SSL Certificates (MDCs) allow you to secure up to 2500 different domains or sub-domains with a one certificate. EV technology adds an additional layer of trust to your online transactions by changing the address bar to green every time a customer enters the certified region of your web position.

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